From My Clients

Here is what my clients have to say about working with me. 

  1. My husband and I have been receiving counsel from Angela Gilmour for approximately a year and we are convinced this is definitely her gift from God. Her style and graciousness, her reflective listening and drawing out our thoughts have made radical changes in our marriage and family life. She has a gentle spirit but is not afraid to speak the truth in love. She provides great support and fairness, especially when emotions run high. We are truly thankful for Angela and the counsel she has given us.
  1. I called Angela the other day just to thank her for ALL that she has done for our family. What a blessing she has been! The skills taught and the hope instilled in one of my sons brought about life that had all but disappeared. He has now remarried, holds a wonderful job, has healthy boundaries, is confident and truly happy. During his sessions, which I was privileged to attend, Angela listened and encouraged while at the same time instilling essential tools for healthy living. Together they established internal and external “support pillars” for strength and constancy. My son continues to apply these skills and finds joy in using them with others who come to him for guidance. Angela meets her clients where they are emotionally and mentally, then walks with them out of darkness into light. I cannot thank her enough for sharing her love, wisdom, and knowledge with us!
  1. Angela certainly is a keeper! I love how she is clear thinking, objective and yet so grounded in God's Word and best counseling practices for the most profitable and effective results. Her ability to see multiple perspectives and then help us reason it out objectively has truly made a difference.
  2. As a military family, we found our 22-year marriage suffering in part due to the demands of frequent moves, absences, and high job stress. Angela's God-centered, insightful, and non-judgemental counseling brought us closer together and healed some of our misunderstandings while giving us some tools to grow and stay closer. Our eight months with her made a tremendous difference in our marriage. Thanks, Angela.
  1. I saw several other therapists before Angela and she is by far the best. Her practical help and warm spirit have helped me to feel empowered, cared for, and motivated to change, yet at my own pace. My life has changed since seeing her!
  1. When my daughter began seeing Angela Gilmour for treatment, she was having periodic anxiety attacks, unexplained stomach pain, and very dark feelings and thoughts as a result of the stress of being a high school senior trying to juggle schoolwork, extra-curricular activities, and college applications. Angela approached her therapy sessions through the lens of a Christian worldview and very lovingly listened to my daughter, encouraging and coaching her through her anxious thoughts. Angela gave her practical tools, which she used and is still using when she begins to feel anxious. My daughter is currently thriving in her freshman year in college. We are so thankful for Angela and for her positive influence on our daughter’s life.
  1. Angela is the best! She is so understanding and patient. She truly makes you feel comfortable and is never judgmental. Somehow, she makes it feel like talking to a friend as opposed to a professional relationship. You can tell Angela is experienced and will do whatever needed to help. She helped me work through challenges in my life and rediscover my relationship with God. She cares about all aspects of your life and truly invests in you personally!